Agrocreta Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Garlic


Agrocreta Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Garlic

Ideal for Bruschetta, Roast vegetables, and grilled meat.

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Agrocreta Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Garlic. With 100% natural infused elements.
An all-natural product that combines the mild, grassy, fresh flavour of extra virgin olive oil with the exploding aromas and flavour of infused garlic, lemon, oregano and chilli. Agrocreta Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Garlic used in with your cooking to add that extra boost to your favourite dishes.


250 ml bottle

Hand-picked Koroneiki & Tsounati olive varieties and garlic


The Agrocreta Promise = Honest and fair to the farmer and the consumer

THE AGROCRETA STORY SO FAR… Twenty years of freshness
Agrocreta is a producer, packer and exporter of agricultural products from the island of Crete, Greece. We have been one of the main export companies from Western Crete, for the past 20 years, enjoying stable growth in terms of volumes and export sales turnover, while working with major retail chain accounts and wholesalers around the world.
We are the only company in Crete that has the capacity to supply both fresh and standardized products. Our assortment is continuously developing. It currently ranges from fresh avocados and oranges to olive oil, all produced in-house and at the highest standards!

Agrocreta ~ The art of freshness, it requires fine handling to manage the fresh fruit business

We take quality very seriously!
Agrocreta® has developed strict quality guidelines to ensure that the products that come to your table are safe and at the highest level of sensory attributes, such as taste and aroma.
We are a family business and feel this is our duty. If our kids can consume our products then they are safe to be consumed by you.

Agrocreta = Gems in a Crate - the crate is optional

At Agrocreta® we are…
Open to our farmer: We know personally all the farmers who have joined our team effort. We communicate with them on a frequent basis and try to enlighten them with our vision, which is to help these simple, pure, natural delicacies reach the position that they deserve in the world markets. Close to home: All our lives, we have been living with our family within walking distance from the farms where our produce is grown. Beyond the statistics and the financial figures, the bottom line for us is to achieve a gradually improved, sustainable way of living for our children and the next generations. This alone is the most credible quality promise one can give!

Agrocreta = Boost of flavour in your dishes - new infused olive oils