Boderm Boskin Shower Gel 300 ml


The combination of the ingredients in BOSKIN  Emollient Cream helps reduce the symptoms of dry skin,

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BOSKIN  Emollient Cream is a non-invasive technology medical technology product used to treat severe dry skin. BOSKIN  Emollient Cream treats dry skin areas with dry, itchy, irritated skin and protects against the symptoms of atopic dermatitis. Its unique composition is rich in sodium hyaluronate, tocopherol acetate, aloe, propolis extract, honey extract, panthenol, olive oil, glycerin and park butter. The combination of these ingredients in BOSKIN Emollient Cream helps reduce the symptoms of severe dry skin, protects atopic skin and improves the function of the skin’s lipid barrier. Recommended for adults but also for babies and children where the skin is dry or irritated. BOSKIN Emollient cream offers emollient action and hydration to the skin, leaving a pleasant sensation.