Green Cola Lemon with Stevia 6pack


Unmached lemonade flavor with 7% natural juice, only 3 calories per 100ml, no sugar sweetener from the stevia plant.


Unmached lemonade flavour with 7% natural juice, only 3 calories per 100ml, no sugar sweetener from the stevia plant.

In early 2013 the innovative Greek soft drink hit the market. Named Green Cola, bottled in packaging color black-green and was introduced as the “green Greek cola”. The recipe is kept secret for obvious reasons – the key element is that the sugar is replaced with the sweetener stevia plant and contains no preservatives. Green Cola is a new proposal for Cola, addressed to all, even to those with special dietary habits (eg diabetics) looking for a product with minimal caloric cost, without sacrificing the taste result.

Tasty, original but most of all refreshing!