Krocus Kozanis Organic Herbal Tea with Sage, Lemon Verbena & Greek Saffron


Krocus Kozanis Organic Herbal Tea with Sage, Lemon Verbena & Greek Saffron is a caffeine-free merger between the best of two worlds.


Krocus Kozanis Organic Herbal Tea with sage, lemon verbena & greek saffron. An indulgent match of hand-picked mountain herbs and fine floral scents in a unique combination. Krocus Kozanis Organic Herbal Tea is made with organic Greek saffron, sage, lemon, verbena, and a selection of herbs and plants traditionally used to fight against winter and cold.

This tea is made with high-quality Greek red saffron from organic farming. Saffron has significant antioxidant properties which help improve brain functions. This tea tastes like a blend of exotic spices with an undertone of saffron. Sip the good health and well-being from your mug all day long.


herbal mix* (rooibos tea, sage (14.8%), peppermint, lemon verbena (9.9%), lemon balm, lemongrass, fennel, anise, thyme, rosemary), saffron Krokos Kozani* pdo (1,1%).

*product of organic farming. Gluten-free / caffeine free


18 grams (10 x 1.8 gram tea bags)

Pour 240ml of boiling water over a Tea Bag; Water Temperature: 90°C / 194°F; Brewing time: 4-5 minutes; Consumed Cold or hot

Rooibos tea contains calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, alpha hydroxyl acid, antioxidants, enzymes, and chemical compounds that help skin look youthful, reduce inflammation that causes pain, and prevent serious illness. Sage is rich in anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, eg. helps ease throat inflammation [sore throat], aids digestion, is anti-bacterial, improves moods, reduces nausea; Peppermint relief headache, and nausea, aids digestion, soothes upset stomach, gas, and heartburn, cramps, indigestion, clear sinus, reduce stress and anxiety, reduce bad breathe; Lemon Verbena aid relieve indigestion, heartburn,  tone digestive tract, soothe anxiety, helps to loosen up mucus, phlegm, clear congestion in the respiratory tracts;  Anise treats digestive ailments such as bloating, gas, indigestion, and constipation. Fennel aid healthy digestion, and treat bloating, gas, or cramps smooth muscles of the gastrointestinal system relax and reduce gas, bloating, and stomach cramps.  Thyme fight sore throat lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels, has a mood-boosting effect, treats cough, and supports normal respiratory health.  Rosemary alleviates muscle pain, improves memory, improves digestion, reduces inflammation, and boosts the immune and circulatory systems.

Krocus Kozanis Organic Herbal Tea with Sage, Lemon Verbena & Greek Saffron Nutritional Information

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A precious spice and the best saffron quality in the world, that has significant antioxidant properties, contributing to good health and well-being, while it enhances the taste and lends its appealing color to many dishes, desserts and beverages. New researches converge to the conclusion that the saffron stigmas possess strong antioxidant properties that can neutralize free radicals, whereas they can also improve brain function and especially the memory.

Earth’s gold, nature’s most precious plant, the saffron flower, else known as the Krokos flower. Growing in Kozani, North Greece, and giving its name to the land where it comes from, the Krokos village. A unique flower with a beautiful story to tell. Krokos blossoms only once a year, every October, for barely two weeks, creating a purple magic carpet as far as the eye can see. The flowers are harvested daily, right after the morning dew has evaporated, and saffron antioxidants are at their peak. After all the flowers have been collected, the fields look empty, but by dawn, the Krokos blooms once again, blanketing the fields in beautiful purple flowers. Petals are separated by hand from the saffron stigmas and stamens, immediately after being picked, followed by stigmas’ drying process, ensuring that the saffron is at its highest potency. A hundred and fifty thousand blooms hand-picked by the villagers during the harvest, yield only one kilo of Krokos stigmas. A painstaking process, making saffron more valuable than gold itself.

In 1971 the greek saffron(Krokos Kozanis) growers formed the Cooperative de Safran; since then, the cooperative has had the exclusive responsibility of harvesting, sorting, processing, packaging and trading the whole Krokos (saffron) production. As of 1998, Greek Red Saffron (Krokos Kozanis) has entered the “Register of protected designations of origin” (PDO). Krocus Kozanis Products S.A., established in 2007, is a joint venture between the Cooperative de Saffran of Kozani [] and the Greek skincare brand KORRES, introducing an Organic Herbal Tea Collection with Krokos Kozanis (saffron), a ‘first’ for the international food & drink market.