Mastihashop Loukoum with Mastic 340gr


Mastihashop Loukoum with Mastic is a traditional jellied candies ( Turkish delights) flavored with mastic and Chios mastic oil.

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The Chian pastry makers, inspired by the unique worldwide Chios Mastiha, created the traditional mastiha loukoumi recipe. Today, we still enjoy these traditional jellied candies flavored with mastiha and Chios mastiha oil.

  • Sugar 72%

  • Glucose Syrup

  • Corn Starch

  • Citric Acid

  • mastic 4%

Starting from Chios island, the birthplace of mastiha, mastihashop revives old experiences and creates new trends, coming up with products from places where mastiha has traveled through for centuries. mastihashop wishes to demonstrate mastiha’s therapeutic and cosmetic attributes, its various uses and its multinational character.
mastihashop – a vivid blend of cultures and people- introduces mastiha to people from all over the world for a voyage to the World and invites old and new friends to experience the recipes, the flavors, the images and the scents of the Mediterranean.
Come aboard mastihashop. Daily departures to destinations all over the world.