Mastiqua Sparkling Water with Mastic 330ml


Mastiqua Sparkling Water is unique sparkling water flavored with mastic from the Island Of Chios Greece.

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Add a splash of refreshing, revitalizing Mediterranean mystery to any moment with this unique sparkling water flavored with mastiha.


MASTIQUA is made in a way which carefully enhances the benefits of mastiha as pure Mastiha is blended with fine sparkling water to create this exceptional drink. The result? A unique sparkling water with an invigorating Mediterranean aroma and a taste like no other. As you will discover.


The mastiha tree is only found on a small, beautiful island called Chios, nestled in a sleepy corner of the eastern Mediterranean but its power has been respected for thousands of years. Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, recommended mastiha as an excellent aid for digestion. Roman emperors used it to spice wine. The fragrant ladies of the Turkish baths chewed mastiha for white teeth and fresh breath. Because of these remarkable properties, Mastiha became a precious commodity and travelled Chios to the edge of the known world. Why exclusively tothis island? It remains a mystery to this day.