Mutti Double Concentrated Tomato Paste 130g


Mutti Double Concentrated Tomato Paste adds flavour, texture and colour to your cooking and is perfect for recipes with long cooking times.

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Mutti Double Concentrate Tomato Paste is intense and tasty, and in its various versions is ideal to enhance the color, taste and texture of your dishes. This is a traditional product as its resistance to long cooking times makes it ideal for rag├╣ sauce and stews. Mutti is an Italian family company founded in 1899, located at the heart of the Italian Food Valley, and dedicates itself to working only with tomatoes. Italy’s No.1 brand of tomatoes are now available in the UK. All tomatoes are processed within just 2 hours of being picked, ensuring maximum freshness, taste and goodness. A vibrant red colour and distinctive sweet taste, hallmarks of all Mutti products, means they truly stand out from the competition. Ingredients 100% Italian tomatoes certified production.

Dense Texture
Rich Flavor
Intense Red Color