MUTTI Passata (Strained Tomatoes) with Basil 680ml


Mutti Strained Tomato Sauce With Basil Glass, Sweet and creamy this classic Passata is the most convenient way to use tomatoes.

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Mutti Passata seems similar to tomato sauce or tomato paste, but there’s an important difference! Sauces and pastes are cooked-down, while passata is a raw tomato puree that has had seeds and skins strained out, and is a higher quality product than canned tomatoes. Passata, sauce, and puree are not interchangeable in recipes, but passata has a variety of uses. When combined with onions, garlic, and herbs, this basil passata can be made into tomato sauce, or it can form the base of a tomato soup. Or, why not try it with white beans and ground turkey in a stew? Ingredients: Tomato 99%, salt, basil 0.1%, basil extract.

Italy’s #1 Tomato brand

Made with 100 Percent Italian tomatoes

Processed within 24 hrs for maximum freshness