The Nutlers Pure Almond Butter 250gr


The Nutlers Pure Almond Butter is a signature taste of Greece. Carefully selected pure and raw pistachios, blended and transformed into this incredibly vibrant green and delicious spread.


The Nutlers Pure Almond Butter is made from premium-quality varieties of almonds with their peel and is deliciously fluid. Try it as a spread in your breakfast, in cookies, pastry and smoothies.




We are the first Nutlers on Earth!

Their journey began in our home kitchens while DIYing nut butters. Pure and delicious. And we made it. Like, literally. After many spoonful tastings, many laughs and way too many broken blenders! We are the kind of optimistic wonderers who live and work between Athens and Volos. 

Nutlers wants to be bold, and loves to explore. For them, risk is fun and joining forces is key.

The Nutlers family is ambition to manufacture all-natural, highly nutritional products full of flavor that fuel our families and us daily.

Proud of the Purity of our Raw Materials!

Their raw materials come from selected harvests; we say no to added preservatives and palm oil. And the whole point of our effort? To offer whole, unprocessed nuts and nut-based products with respect to the environment along the way.

Greek Almonds

Made with Love and Made Without:
Palm oil
Added preservatives
Added sugar
Added salt

Rich in Protein, Source of Fibre.