Dodoni Feta Cheese in Brine


Dodoni Feta cheese in Brine ~ made exclusively from 100% Greek, pasteurized sheep’s and goat’s milk, DODONI Feta, a product of Protected Designation of Origin (P.D.O.) is worldwide recognized and awarded for its high and consistent quality.


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Dodoni Feta cheese in Brine ~ The whole taste of Epirus is contained in one single name: DODONI Feta.

Made exclusively from 100% Greek, pasteurized sheep’s and goat’s milk, DODONI Feta, a product of Protected Designation of Origin (P.D.O.) is worldwide recognized and awarded for its high and consistent quality.

As for its taste, that is being awarded every single day with a permanent place at your table!

You can find the authentic DODONI Feta in bulk in large metal containers, in plastic containers in brine, in vacuum packs or in cubes with olive oil and oregano.

Enjoy it with olive oil and oregano or try it in salads, pies, omelets, soufflés, make it into “saganaki” or get inspired to create whatever you like!

The authentic DODONI feta is available in practical plastic containers that maintain the cheese in its natural brine, giving freshness and longer shelf-life.


1 Kg Package


Pasteurized Sheep’s and Goat’s milk, sea salt, bacterial culture, rennet

Also Available at Parthenon Market, Deli, and Café

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Dodoni Feta Cheese in Brine

Our History
Our history goes way back. In the year 1963, when a small unit of pasteurization of fresh milk collected cow’s milk from local producers to provide the residents of Ioannina. Back then DODONI consisted of 6 Unions of Agricultural Cooperatives of the Epirus region.
Today DODONI is the leading Greek producer of feta, the first in sales in Greece and the first in exports, in 80 kinds of dairy products, among which, our world-famous feta, fresh milk, yoghurt, hard cow’s cheeses, galotyri, butter and many more included in our vast range of fresh products.
Since the ’80s, DODONI products are being distributed abroad, as we were the first to surpass all difficulties and export the authentic taste of Epirus beyond Greek borders, making DODONI an ambassador of Greece and especially of Epirus to the whole world.

Dodoni from Epirus

Welcome to one of the most virgin and intact regions of Greece. Here, man becomes one with nature.
On this crossroad of cultures and landscapes, you can find the perfect combination of mountains, gorges and lakes, rivers and arch bridges, hidden creeks and shores, castles and traditional villages, ancient monuments, and the famous Dodoni Oracle.
DODONI products are being produced and manufactured on this blessed land.
The unique natural landscape of Epirus with its rich vegetation and rare biodiversity, including 2.500 herbs and plants, is what gives our pure products their excellent quality, unique taste, and special aroma that have made them famous in Greece and abroad.
Our farmers’ fresh milk arrives every day at our premises in Ioannina, even from the most distant and isolated parts of Epirus. And from there, the taste of Epirus travels to 52 countries around the world.


Commitment to Quality
The name DODONI is unbreakably bonded to quality. Not by chance. From the raw material to the moment the final product arrives at your table, we can guarantee you that it will be worthy of the trust you have been showing us all these years.
We collect milk from over 5500 producers and 514 villages and communities, even from the most distant parts of Epirus. Our farmers are chosen strictly after analyzing the quality of the raw material they provide us, in high-technology laboratories.
For the collection of raw materials, we have developed a dense organized network of daily collections of sheep’s, goat’s, and cow’s milk, which extends to the entire region of Epirus.
The milk is collected within a few hours so that it arrives at the factory fresh and unalterable. For this purpose, four main collection and cooling stations for milk have been constructed in all four prefectures of Epirus, where the milk is collected from the receiving stations that exist even at the smallest community.
The company’s insulated trucks are used to transport milk to the main facilities so that the milk maintains its freshness and the products their excellent quality.
Over 5500 producers, 350 suppliers, 1200 clients, and 172 permanent and 210 seasonal employees work together to offer you every day the freshest DODONI products.