Krinos Baklava 280gr


Krinos Baklava Simply thaw and serve. No baking required.

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Krinos Baklava is a Wonderful buttery layers of crispy, flaky fillo, with walnuts and doused in a sweet syrup with a touch of lemon and warm cinnamon. Simply thaw and serve. No baking required. Add a scoop of ice cream to baklava for a simple and easy dessert.


Fillo pastry (wheat flour, water, dextrose, potassium sorbate, salt, vegetable oil (100% pure Canola), cornstarch) walnuts (vegetable oil and BHA), syrup (sugar, water, glucose, reconstituted lemon juice (water, concentrated lemon juice, lemon oil, sodium bisulphate) vegetable oil shortening, unsalted butter, cinnamon.