Krinos Tzatziki Greek Yogurt Dip with Garlic


Krinos Tzatziki Greek Yogurt Dip with Garlic are the perfect size for an easy on-the-go snack! Add veggies or crackers and enjoy.

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Krinos Tzatziki Greek Yogurt Dip with Garlic is a classic, creamy and garlicky tzatziki with hints of cucumber, vinegar and dill fill these portable mini cups, and are the perfect size for an easy on-the-go snack! Krinos Tzatziki Greek Yogurt Dip with Garlic is wonderful with chips, veggies, crackers and so much more. It is a wonderfully tasty treat.


Cream, Pasteurized ultra-filtered milk, Milk protein concentrate, Canola oil, Salt, Garlic purée, Cucumber, White vinegar, White pepper, Dill, and Bacterial culture.

Contains: Milk.

Keep refrigerated


240 grams (2 x 120 gram tubs)


Krinos Tzatziki Greek Yogurt Dip with Garlic Nutritional Information at Euro Fine Foods

Krinos Foods LLC

Krinos Foods LLC is North America’s largest importer, distributor, and manufacturer of Greek, Turkish, and Eastern European specialty foods with plants in New York, Atlanta, Chicago, Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver.

We import and manufacture over 1,000 frozen, refrigerated and dry foods including cheeses, olives, olive oil, pasta, peppers, meats, and confectionery. We also import a variety of beverages including coffees, teas, juices, mineral waters, sodas, and nectars.

In addition to our Krinos label, we represent many well-known brands including Apollo, Athens, Attiki, Haitoglou, Hermes, Horio, Jotis, Koska, Kras, Macedonian, Marco Polo, Melissa, Minerva, Saradis, Tahsildaroglu, and Zanae. We distribute our products to supermarkets, gourmet stores, ethnic markets, hotels, restaurants, and other food service establishments across the US and Canada.
While most of our products are prepared in state-of-the-art, SQF-certified facilities using highly automated techniques, we are committed to maintaining the authenticity and homemade quality of certain traditional products. As a result, we produce select items by hand according to ageless culinary traditions.
Krinos Foods – the finest Mediterranean specialties for your table.


  • 1977 ~ Toronto warehouse and packaging facility established in Vaughan, Ontario
  • 1979 ~ Fillo production/sales begin out of the Toronto location
  • 1991 ~ Acquisition of the #2 competitor – Sico Foods
  • 2003 ~ Krinos Canada welcomes new president – Mr. Alexander Georgiadis
  • 2005 ~ Krinos moves west with expansion to Vancouver warehousing facility
  • 2008 ~ Canadian sheep and goat feta are introduced as a first in the Canadian market in partnership with Shepherd Gourmet Dairy
  • 2009 ~ Purchase of new Montreal warehousing and packaging facility
  • 2010 ~ Fillo Twisters products were introduced to the market in partnership with Akropolis Phyllo Products Inc. The product line is an instant success in Canada and is now exported & sold in the U.S.
  • 2016 ~ Tiras Dairies in Alberta is acquired to expand production of Krinos cheese products