The Manna, Dakos Wheat Rusks


The Manna, Dakos Wheat Rusks are made of wheat flour and the purest ingredients from Crete. Rich in dietary fibre, low in fat and have no preservatives. made of wheat flour and the purest ingredients from Crete. They are rich in dietary fibre, low in fat and have no preservatives. 

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The Manna, Dakos Wheat Rusks by Tsatsaronakis Bakery

These delicious wheat rusks are made of wheat flour and the purest ingredients from Crete. They are rich in dietary fiber, low in fat and have no preservatives. In Crete, they are served with finely chopped fresh tomato, salt, olive oil, oregano, crumbled feta cheese and black olives.

The Manna, Dakos Wheat Rusks are a Protected Geographical Indication product. Each rusk is relatively large and is typical of the first Cretan rusks that began to be produced decades ago. It is particularly crisp, with a medium-hard texture. It is made of whole grain flour (60%), which is why it is a product rich in fibre, iron, minerals, and trace elements. It is low in fat, while one serving has lower salt content in proportion to a portion of bread.


600 gm bag


Flours (wholegrain wheat 60%, wheat), water, salt, yeast


Bakery Tsatsaronakis at Europ Fine Foods

The Manna: With love and perseverance ever since 1948, we have continued to offer Greece and the world “the Manna” Tsatsaronaki Cretan barley rusks. Because we’re not just a company. We’re a family of values that remains faithful to tradition and never sacrifices quality.

This is how we were the first packaged rusk company in the Greek market, and it is how we intend to continue: Offering highly nutritional products that provide the ideal basis for proper and balanced nutrition.

The history of “the Manna” Tsatsaronakis Cretan products is an unusual one. It is interwoven with tradition, passion and a very real insistence on the authentic taste and pure ingredients from the land of the island of Crete. The company continues to evolve by linking, at the group level, inventive production, and tourism to “from the farm to the table for visitors”.

Our Story: It is the story of a company that started from the village of Platanos in Chania, Crete, and managed to distribute packaged rusk products throughout the Greek and international markets.

It is a story about the Tsatsaronakis family, which since 1948 has “kneaded” the flavour that accompanies our everyday life, taking care of the diet and the society that surrounds it.Travel with us on the most delicious story: the history of “the Manna” Tsatsaronaki, the “Manna of the Greeks” and the entire world.

Our philosophy: Our philosophy is based on combining tradition with the principles and dynamics of modern nutrition. Our cultural and nutritional heritage supplies us with healthy simple, high-quality raw materials where the emphasis is placed on the use of excellent good olive oil and fibre-rich products. The principles of the modern diet dictate the reduced use of salt, and avoiding sugar and saturated fat. We keep track of relevant global developments and facilitate people’s everyday lives with exciting flavours, adaptive packaging and clearly labelled information.

At the same time, we consciously promote Cretan and Mediterranean flavours as we have been kneading traditional Cretan rusks for decades. Our rusks hide all the delicacy and magic of the Cretan and Mediterranean diet. Our belief in tradition, the purest ingredients and our family’s love for what we do have made us courageous as we look to the future to continue to offer what we know well …. The excellent quality and taste of “the Manna” Tsatsaronaki products.

Our values: Family, hospitality, consistency, reliability, and transparency are the core of our values, and our tradition. We view the consumer as a guest at our table, in terms of providing him or her with excellent delicious everyday products whilst looking after his or her health. Respecting our customers and gaining their trust is at the very core of how we operate.  Selecting the very best raw materials, quality control, applying geographic, nutritional, technological and environmental policies and standards, responding to recommendations of worldwide good practice, and dealing with any complaints from our customers and suppliers represent the practical implementation of our values.

Our conscious strategy is based on the following: Business integrity, food safety, promoting innovation, supporting educational and cultural institutions, focusing on continuously improving our employees and processes, and social responsibility, which along with our products form a social contract for “the Manna of the Greeks” and the entire world.